Improving the news post creation experience on the Trivory Dashboard

Hello, and welcome to this newsletter! We've been hard at work improving the post creation experience on Trivory, and we have some exciting updates to share.

NEW: Text formatting options for posts

With the new formatting toolbar, you can now easily apply special formatting to your posts. Add bold, italics, underline, bulleted and numbered lists, and links.

Easily add custom links

To add a link to a certain piece of text, simply select the text and then click the link button.

Now it's even easier to add images or video

You can now easily change post types at any point before finishing your post, and you no longer have to choose upfront.

Bonus tip: Increase engagement with emojis

Trivory supports emojis in posts, in both titles and text. Adding emojis to your posts is a great way to increase engagement among students and parents. (Just remember not to overdo it!)

To bring up the emoji keyboard on your computer, simply right-click in the textbox and then choose the emoji option.

We hope that these new features and improvements help your school get even more out of the Trivory platform. We look forward to helping streamline your school's communication for years to come.