Introducing multi-language content, automatic translations, and magic links.

Post content in Spanish

Earlier this school year we made the app's interface available in Spanish. Now you can also post content in Spanish. You can make a single post in both English and Spanish, and students and families will automatically see the version that matches their preferred language. Look for the new language dropdown menu above text boxes on the Dashboard.

It's easy to collaborate on translations too. One person can create a news post, and then someone else can translate it before publishing.

Automatic Translations

All of your news posts, calendar events, your resources section, and more, are now automatically translated for you. There isn't a single extra step required. It even works on posts with custom formatting, preserving the layout, text styles, and embedded links.

Automatic translations are powered by a sophisticated computer translation system called DeepL, which provides industry-leading accuracy and quality. You can preview and edit automatic translations from the Dashboard. Students and families will know when they're seeing an automatic translation, and they can choose which version they'd like to see.

Magic Links

All Trivory links now magically open in the right language. You can share a single link to a page on Trivory, and when students and families click on it, they'll automatically see the version that matches their preferred language. This works on all devices, both in the app and on the web.

Carbon Neutral

We're committed to keeping Trivory green. That's why we minimize our carbon emissions by operating in data centers powered by renewable energy wherever possible.

Now, Trivory is going completely carbon neutral. This means that any CO2 released due to the energy consumption of our servers is being offset by removing carbon from the atmosphere using direct air capture technology.

We've also eliminated our entire carbon legacy since founding.

I hope that these new features help keep everyone connected and informed. Thanks for reading!