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Update: Classes Will Continue Through Inclement Weather During Distance Learning
Dear PPS Families,

Snowfall in the Cascades this week reminds us all that we have entered the time of year when inclement weather is most likely. We are ready for winter storms just as we would be any year, but also operating in a much different landscape dictated by COVID-19 and framed by Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL).

Comprehensive Distance Learning will, in most cases, continue during inclement weather that in more normal times would have prompted us to close schools and declare a “snow day.” This will allow us to protect instructional days whenever possible. Student and staff safety is always our highest priority; distance learning means potentially dangerous winter travel to and from school campuses is not necessary. In cases of storm-related power outages or other factors that preclude distance learning, we will make sure that students are not penalized.

Inclement weather could still impact campus-based activities we are conducting during CDL. This includes meal service, meal delivery, child care in PPS sites, athletic training for high school students and any other on-site activities. We will follow our inclement weather protocols on deciding if those activities can continue, and will keep you updated via multiple channels, including automated phone calls, emails, text messages, social media and our website (click here to learn more about those channels).

Thank you.
Posted by PPS Communications on Nov 13th, 2020 at 2:53 PM
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