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Weapons Detection System Demonstration
Last spring, following increased security concerns, Superintendent Guerrero convened a Safety and Security Task Force to review our existing systems and processes. That group presented thirteen recommendations to our School Board last May; you can watch the discussion here

One of those recommendations was to “pilot a roving weapons detection system at key entry points of major high school events.” Athletic events were of particular interest. The first test will take place during the September 15 football game between the McDaniel Mountain Lions and the Lincoln Cardinals. 

Attending the game won’t be significantly different from usual, but here is how the demonstration will work:

  • Two portable Opengate pillars will be set up at the entrance of the McDaniel football stadium.
  • Everyone attending the event will be screened simply by walking through the pillars. 
  • Alarms and optical signals will alert security personnel to the presence of weapons. 
  • Secondary screenings will only be performed in the event that an alarm is triggered. 
  • Families are encouraged to offer feedback and ask any questions they might have.

We would like to encourage the entire PPS community to come out, cheer on the Lincoln and McDaniel teams, and take part in this important demonstration.

Posted by PPS Communications on Sep 13th, 2023 at 3:30 PM
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