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Trivory is now available in Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian, and Somali. Big improvements to schedules.

Trivory is now available in Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian, and Somali

You can now post content in these languages, or we'll automatically translate for you to make sure that everyone is included.

These new languages join English and Spanish, bringing Trivory to a total of 6 languages.

Big improvements to schedules

  • We've combined “Day types” and “Bell schedules” into one simple and unified “Schedules” page.
  • You can now have different bell schedules for different grade levels or cohorts.
  • A/B rotations are now built in.
  • You can now choose if you'd like to update a schedule only going forward or retroactively.
  • You can now archive old schedules without fully deleting them.
  • And we've made it simpler to assign schedules to days on the calendar.

And more...

  • You can now see what the link for a news post is going to be before you publish it.
  • We've made it easier to choose when an event takes place with a new date picker.
  • You can now add as many links and contacts to calendar events as you want.
  • Android users can now view most file attachments directly in the app without needing to download them first.
  • We've added support for Split View and SlideOver on iPad.

We hope that you like these new features, and that they help everyone stay better connected.