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What schools are saying
I see Trivory as an integral part of our open communication with students and families. Setting it up is easy, and the cost can't be beat!”
KD Parman
Principal at Roosevelt High School in Portland, OR
“Trivory is like an alarm clock and a newspaper right on our phones. It shows our students all the cool things going on today at school, and gives staff an easy way to get info to students & families quickly.
Kim Castle
Data Analyst at Roosevelt High School in Portland, OR
Trivory has been an awesome addition to our suite of communications and works in a seamless way with the rest of our systems. ... From an editing standpoint, adding news stories, pushing out surveys to students or changing the bell schedule could not be easier.”
Christopher Brida
Vice Principal at Lincoln High School in Portland, OR
I am so impressed with Trivory and the ease with which I can get information out to my community. So many school communication tools look good on the consumer end but are a nightmare to navigate and update. The Trivory dashboard is just as easy and elegant to navigate as the application and allows me to give access to staff to update their program information for our school community. This ensures that our information is always accurate and accessible. There are so many times that I have thought, ‘I would love to see this feature’ and then I open up the dashboard and it’s there.”
Amy Whitney
Principal at George Middle School in Portland, OR
Very user friendly app and easy to navigate and use. ... I really like how you can upload all sorts of information and pictures/photos into the "News" category. ... The calendar feature is perfect for families who are always on the go and need to find out information in a hurry. ... The resources page is perfect for adding all sorts of important links and informational portals related to your specific school.”
Curtis Wilson Jr.
Principal at Benson Polytechnic High School in Portland, OR
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