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Celebrating Five Years: A Look Back

Today marks the five year anniversary of the launch of Trivory at the 2018 Winter Assembly at Roosevelt High School. To celebrate, let's take a look back at where Trivory started, and how we got here.


Trivory was originally called Rider App, named after Roosevelt High School's mascot, the Rough Riders.

Work on Rider App begins in September 2017 during Terren's 9th grade year of high school. Terren works on the app in computer science class and after school.


After just over a year of development, Rider App launches at Parent-Teacher Conferences in November. Terren sets up a booth and hands out flyers.

The app is formally announced to students at the 2018 Winter Assembly in December.


Rider App is rebranded to Trivory and Terren LLC is formed to support its expansion into more schools.

Trivory expands beyond Roosevelt with its launch at Lincoln High School.


The web version of Trivory launches, helping students and families stay connected from Chromebooks and PCs.

Trivory helps keep students and families informed during the COVID-19 health crisis. Trivory is dubbed "the front door to Roosevelt".

George Middle School joins Trivory.


Trivory grows from three to nine schools as Grant, Ida B. Wells, Benson, Franklin, McDaniel, and Cleveland join Trivory.


Trivory introduces multi-language content and automatic translations into Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian, and Somali.

Trivory goes carbon neutral.


Districts can now use Trivory to communicate across multiple schools.

Trivory expands beyond the app with the launch of Trivory widgets, Trivory for Apple Watch, and Trivory for TVs.

Thank you very much for being a part of this. Here's to what's next!