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Introducing Trivory widgets, Trivory for Apple Watch, Trivory for TVs, Translated Subtitles, Trivory for Districts, and more.

Trivory widgets

You can add a Trivory widget to your Home Screen or Lock Screen to quickly check the schedule and take a peek at the day's events without even opening the app.

Trivory for Apple Watch

You can check the schedule and see when the bell will ring next with a complication right on your watch face. Open the new Apple Watch app to see the full bell schedule right on your wrist. Coming next month.

Trivory for TVs

Transform in-school TVs or monitors into Trivory-powered smart displays to show the schedule or events. Go to to learn more and get started.

End-of-period Reminders

A customizable tool for teachers that plays an alert sound in the classroom a few minutes before the period ends. Coming next month.

Automatic Subtitles and Translated Subtitles

We're now using AI technology to automatically generate high-quality subtitles for all videos on Trivory. Trivory now automatically translates video subtitles into our 6 supported languages so that everyone can understand what's being said.

Trivory Dashboard improvements

  • We've added new permission levels for news and calendar, so you can let people create posts without giving them access to edit or delete posts made by others.
  • We've added Roles, which make it easy to assign the same permissions to multiple people. You can also let people edit posts created by others with the same role.
  • We've updated the Analytics page with better graphs, now including parents by student grade and users by language.

Trivory for Districts

Districts can now use Trivory to send out posts or calendar events across multiple schools. We're excited to make Trivory available as a powerful tool for district communication.