Staff Directory

Make it easy for students and families to connect with teachers and staff. Quickly find contact information, look up someone's room number, or put a face to the name.

Links & Files

Centralize essential links, files, and forms for quick access within the app, serving as a launchpad for all school sites and platforms.

Programs & Places

Provide students with easy access to information about school programs and places, including hours and contact details, ensuring they are always aware of the resources available to them.

Bus Tracker

Students in Portland, Oregon can track their public transit buses right in the app.

Available on every screen

Trivory works on phones, tablets, and the web. It's easy to share news posts and other content with links that work even if you don't have the app installed.

Trivory for TVs

Turn your in-school TVs or monitors into Trivory-powered smart displays to show the schedule or events.

Youth Resources

Schools can opt-in to provide easy access to essential resources and information for youth, curated by the Portland Public Schools Student Success and Health Department.

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