Increase engagement through a preferred platform

Embrace the mobile-first preference of students and parents with Trivory, an app designed for the way people communicate today.

Increase student and parent engagement by meeting their expectations for ease and convenience.

Get the word out quickly

With Trivory, posting announcements is straightforward and fast. You can send a notification to everyone's phone in seconds. Trivory's user-friendly interface makes it easy and intuitive to post from your computer or phone.

Target messages to the right audience

Whether it's welcoming your incoming freshmen, keeping seniors on track to graduate, or boosting parent participation, Trivory makes it easy to reach the right people with targeted messages.

Delegate posting access to streamline communications

Save time and reduce the workload on the main office by allowing teachers and community partners to post directly to Trivory. This ensures that updates and announcements are shared swiftly and accurately, directly from the source.

Communicate district-wide

Facilitate cohesive communication across your entire district. Trivory makes it easy for district leaders to send out messages across some or all schools.

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