The best way to check the schedule

Students and parents can check the type of day, A/B rotation, and full bell schedule right within the app. It's a much better alternative to PDF calendars.

Daily schedule reminders

Students can receive a notification that outlines the day's schedule every morning, so they'll never forget if it's an A day or a B day.

See the schedule at a glance

With Trivory, you can check the schedule without even opening the app. Put the schedule right on your Home Screen, Lock Screen, or even on your Apple Watch.

Update schedules with ease

The Trivory Dashboard makes it quick and easy to update the schedule when things change. Anyone can do it, no manual required.

Help teachers manage class time

Trivory offers end-of-period reminders for teachers, a web-based tool that plays a reminder sound in a classroom a configurable number of minutes before the period ends.

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